Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Short Excerpt of a Domestic Conversation

The boyfriend and I are lounging, discussing his text message traffic (homeboy maintains a large, chatty posse.)  One of his friends is discussing a current potential paramour...

He: He's a German... furniture maker?
Me: Must be a hipster.

This is when he shoots me an "explain" look...

Me: Furniture makers are all hipsters. Or the Amish. Or people who do it because their father gave them a store, that was given to him by his father.  That's it.

He:  You should draw that.

And so I did- See?

I don't know why I imagine the Amish are so angry. But I do.

Mad props to the iPad app Paper by 53, for helping me draw this.
Also mad props to Karmin, because every time I drew something today in Paper, I sang, "I'm makin' paper!"


  1. i keep thinking of carrie bradshaw's aidan now!
    ok, not a bad way to start the day! ;)


  2. Amish = not angry, just severely serious (which they really aren't, well most anyway)